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If you know what domain name you want, go to Aurora Artisans ®and get the name at great prices. We have tools that will suggest the best alternative if your first choice isn't available.

Should you be considering a name for the first time, it's crucial to give it some thought. When you're born, someone else chooses your name for you. With a domain name, you get to pick your own, and the one you choose will say a lot about you and your business. Although you can get a new domain name, once you have printed up brochures and business cards—and even more significant, gotten good search engine recognition—changing the name can be difficult, expensive, or impossible.

If you can get a name which is exactly your surname, such as, get it. Most surnames are already taken, but you may find that yours is not. Such a domain name is a great asset.

It's obvious that all things being equal, shorter is better. But memorable is far better than shorter. For example, would be a far better name than The latter would be impossible to get your clients to find.

Avoid homonyms. A domain name with the word there in it would be easily confused with their and they're as would bear with bare.

If you can get a four letter domain name, it would seem like a good deal; however, if you are trying to give someone your url by phone, the letters b, c, d, e, and t, for example sound very similar. You may be constantly resorting to "b as in...." Once that happens, your domain name is no longer short.

Avoid words that are commonly misspelled—such as, words with ie in them or words like liaison.


If you want to do your own website, click on the Designs tab above. After thinking about the suggestions listed, go to the Aurora Artisans®, get an account or log in to your account, and get your domain name. Use Web Site Builder to build a sophisticated five-page website. Check back often; unannounced sales are frequently offered.


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