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Charle Vasar and then Sandy Bennett have been a favorite voice in Ohio radio for many years. See the Arbitron ratings.

See how and why Charle became Sandy in the About page.

Since February 2013, Sandy has been exploring how to bolster the sagging radio business by using the internet as a tool to enhance marketing for advertisers and link the virtues of radio with the power of the internet.


Since Sandy has collaborated in the development and implementation of internet marketing and has written award-winning copy, she is uniquely situated and qualified to blend the old media (radio) with the exciting new internet technology.

Radio is definitely not dead. A high percentage of Americans listen to radio at one point or another throughout their day. As radio professionals, we need to embrace the influence that we have in terrestrial radio and marry it with the force of the new technology that we have in the internet. In this way, we will be creating a dynamic tool for both the listener and the advertiser. —Sandy Bennett

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